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Live Training

Live training features, on the other hand, often refer to the capability of conducting real-time, interactive training sessions over the internet. While I don't have specific details on a particular platform's live training features

Corporate LMS Live Training Feature

Key Benefits

Real-time Interaction: Live training allows participants to interact with the instructor and fellow learners in real-time. This facilitates immediate clarification of doubts, questions, and discussions, creating a more engaging learning experience.

Structured Learning Experience: Live training sessions are typically well-structured, with a clear agenda and timeline. This helps participants stay on track and ensures that all relevant topics are covered within the allotted time.

Live Training
Virtual Classrooms

Live training often involves virtual classrooms where instructors can conduct real-time sessions.

Attendance Tracking

LMS may include features to track participant attendance and participation during live training sessions.

Scheduling and Notifications

Users can schedule live training sessions in advance, and participants receive notifications about upcoming sessions